11 tricks to get the most out of iPhone 6s from day one

08 Sep

The day has arrived, today is the launch of the new iPhone and we already have the whole range of phablets of this 2015 ready for Christmas. If you are one of the lucky ones who already have the terminal in their hands, pay attention because in this article we are going to tell you  Read this great resource to learn more that you cannot miss .

It has all happened to all of us that we have discovered features in our smartphone that were there and we did not know. Wouldn't it have been great to know them all from the beginning? Well, let's remedy it from now on.

During the presentation of Apple's new products in September  we could see a new feature for the camera of its new iPhone. This is Live Photos, or live photos, through which we can also capture what happens before and after a photo . With this mode we can see 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after what happens when we press the camera button.

This improvement in the way of presenting the photos will allow you to place animated backgrounds on both the iPhone and Apple Watch . If at any time you want to disable the functionality of animated photos , you can do so from the button in the form of circles located between the timer and the HDR.

Resolution and video recording FPS

From the menu Settings> Photos and camera you can choose the type of resolution and FPS to which your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus will record. Keep in mind that these new terminals bring the possibility of recording video in 4K, so they will take up a lot of space and sometimes it may be convenient to change it.

Now with these new phones you can always have Siri at hand . Simply tell your iPhone 6s "Hey Siri" to see how the wizard appears. As soon as you mention this phrase you can make your request.

Quickly access the camera

One of the most important news of the new Apple phones is the incorporation of 3D Touch. Now, your iPhone will be able to distinguish between different types of pressure on the screen . In this way, you can quickly access the iPhone camera to take a self-portrait directly, among other options.

Open links without leaving the app

From now on, when you see a link to any website you can press hard on it to show you a preview of the content . From it you can decide whether to open it completely in Safari, copy the link or save it to read later. Of course, this is another novelty of 3D Touch exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Make strokes of different thicknesses in Notes

Most of the apps that come standard on your new iPhone incorporate new features thanks to 3D Touch. In the new Notes app you can use the tools to draw and take notes. If you press harder on the screen, your iPhone will draw thicker strokes.

Change app with a single gesture

Do you want another trick with 3D Touch? Well, with this you can change app just by moving your finger. In any of them, swipe from the left edge to the right to activate multitasking . With this simple gesture you will forget forever to press the "Home" button twice.

Learn more in Music and Contacts

3D Touch has a lot of uses within the new iPhone 6s. Now, when you are on a playlist in Music you can access and choose song without getting into it . And if you missed more quickly when communicating with your contacts, from any of your photos you can press hard to choose what type of communication you want to do with that person: message, call, FaceTime or email.

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